Subject leader: Mr McCulloch

Today’s children and young people are growing up in a world that is very different from that in which most adults grew up. Many young people see the internet and mobile phones as positive, productive and creative elements in their learning. Above all, modern technologies support social activity and allow young people to feel connected to their peers.

Unfortunately, technologies are sometimes used negatively. We all have an important role in balancing the opportunities offered with the potential risks they pose, by supporting children and young people to develop as safe and responsible users of technology. We need to teach them how to use technology safely. This is achieved in school by children receiving E-Safety lessons appropriate to their age and ability, ensuring that they know how to keep themselves safe online. Emails that the children send are monitored by staff and websites used to support learning are checked by staff prior to use or child friendly search engines are used. We have rules that we expect the children to follow that have been shared with the children and parents.

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