Admission to either Eppleby Forcett or Middleton Tyas is open to all children from the academic year that the child turns 5 up until the end of the academic year that the child turns 11, regardless of ability, faith, race or gender.

The usual catchment areas of our schools are as follows;

  • Eppleby Forcett – Eppleby, Forcett, Caldwell, Cleasby, Manfield and Cliffe.
  • Middleton Tyas – Middleton Tyas, Aldbrough St John, Stanwick St John, Carlton, Moulton, Gatherley, Halnaby and Scotch Corner.

Applications are also welcome from outside this area, and may be agreed, dependant upon places being available.  We actively encourage visits to the schools, prior to application, and these can be arranged with either school office.

Reception children are taught at our Eppleby Forcett Setting and children in Y1-Y6 are taught at our Middleton Tyas Setting, regardless of which school they are registered at.

For children in the CATCHMENT AREA of Eppleby Forcett, when you are in Y1-Y6 you will be transported to Middleton Tyas on a school funded bus.  This is ONLY for children in the CATCHMENT AREA of EPPLEBY FORCETT.

For children in the CATCHMENT AREA of Middleton Tyas, when you are in Reception you will be transported to Eppleby Forcett on a school funded bus.  This is ONLY for children in the CATCHMENT AREA of MIDDLETON TYAS.

Please click on this link to be taken to the catchment maps system on North Yorkshire Council: CATCHMENT MAPS

Admission Forms

All admissions need to be completed electronically, if you have never used the service before you will need to create a new account.

Please click on the link below to apply for primary school place in September.  The deadline is normally around the 15th January each year but you will need to check the website for the current years deadline date.

Apply to Start Primary School in September

If you are wanting to apply to our schools and live in the catchment area for either of our schools please put that school as your first choice and the other school as your second choice.  If you are unsure of your catchment school please do contact either school office for clarification or alternatively click on THIS LINK and type in your postcode.  This will tell you which school is your catchment school.

If you live outside of the catchment area, please put Trinity Academy Middleton Tyas as your first choice and Trinity Academy Eppleby Forcett as your second choice.

First Admission to School

Children who have their 5th birthday between 1st September and 31st August, are admitted into school in the September of that academic year into FS2 (Reception).  Our Reception children are taught at Eppleby Forcett and our Y1-Y6 children are taught at Middleton Tyas, they are all taught in single year group classes.

New starters attend school full-time but if you feel that this will be too much for your child, we can arrange for them to attend mornings only.

Procedure for First Admission

Parents wishing to enrol their son/daughter for the first admission to either of these schools are requested to contact the School Administrator at either setting, well in advance of the child’s expected entry to school.  We will take a note of your contact details, child’s details (including date of birth) and arrange for you to visit our schools.  This will mean that we can send you all the relevant details and forms concerning school admissions, this will not prevent you from changing your mind about admission.

In the September / October prior to admission the following September, the school will send out the enrolment details provided by North Yorkshire County Council to parents who have registered an interest with our school.  You can also contact the Local Authority direct on 01609 533679 or find details at  If you are residing in a different county, you will need to apply to your local authority and select North Yorkshire as the local authority and then you will see our schools listed.  The deadline for the receipt of applications to the Local Authority for the following school year is mid January.  The Local Authority will write to parents/carers giving confirmation of the school place allocated in mid April.  Our schools will receive a list of our new entrants at the same time and we will subsequently write to parents to advise of the transition arrangements for getting ready to start school.

Starting School

Every year we invite our new starters to a stay and play sessions at our Eppleby Forcett Setting, this is usually a morning session from 9:30am to 12noon.  The aim is to help make the transition into school a smooth one, hopefully allaying any fears they may have.  Our Reception teacher visits the various preschools and nurseries to meet with the new starters and they in turn are invited to visit our setting.  We also hold a parents information evening which enables us to welcome you to our schools and we give you all the information you will need in relation to your child starting school in the September.  Uniform will be on show so you have an example of sizing.  We pride ourselves on ensuring your child’s first experience of school is a happy, comfortable and safe one.

We encourage all parents to share with us, anything that you think will help assist us in making this a seamless transition for your child.

Admissions for Children Transferring from another School

If you have a need to change your child’s school and would like to transfer them mid-year, please contact either school office to arrange a visit.  Once you have made your decision to transfer you must contact the Local Authority and fill in the relevant forms.  No transfer can take place until this has happened.

To apply for a place mid-year, please click on the following link;

Mid-Year Application

Admissions Policy

Dales Admissions Policy

Admissions for Preschool

We are able to take children from the age of 2 in our preschool.  Our admissions are dealt with by our school staff and will be given on a first come first served basis.  We are able to accommodate 22 children in any one session.

Sessions must be booked termly in advance and must be paid for at least monthly in advance.  We do not allow swapping of sessions but we can sometimes offer one off extra sessions, if they are available.  These would be at an extra cost to the parent.  We require a full half terms notice if you decide to leave our setting or reduce your hours.

We are able to accommodate 15 and 30 hour funded places.  Booking is essential as we do fill up quite quickly.