Eppleby Forcett and Middleton Tyas combined Key stage 2 results 2023 (not yet validated)

Percentage of Pupils Achieving the Expected Standard or Above in 2023:

 SchoolLocal AuthorityNational
Reading85%Not known73%
Writing88%Not known71%
Maths88%Not known73%
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation81%69%72%
Combined Reading, Writing and Maths81%56%60%


Percentage of Pupils Achieving the Higher Standard  in 2023:

 SchoolLocal AuthorityNational
Reading50%Not knownNot known
Writing15%Not knownNot known
Maths54%Not knownNot known
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation38%23%30%
Combined Reading, Writing and Maths15%7%8%

Please click below to see our 2021/2022 end of Key Stage 2 data.

2021.2022 Data

KS2 performance tables for Middleton Tyas


KS2 performance tables for Eppleby Forcett

You will find that the results are suppressed for Eppleby Forcett as when there are 5 or fewer pupils or students covered by the measure at the school or college (10 in the case of pupil or student destinations measures), we avoid making these figures public to protect the privacy of those individuals.