Below is a list of our current staff.  If you would like to contact an individual member of staff please email the relevant school office and we will ensure the message is forwarded on.

Eppleby Forcett Setting =

Middleton Tyas Setting =


Staff PositionStaff NameSetting located at
HeadteacherMrs D McLean NPQHBoth Settings
Assistant HeadteacherMr B Gatrill NPQHBoth Settings
School Business ManagerMrs N SpinkBoth Settings

Mrs S James (Reception)

Early Years Lead

Eppleby Forcett
Miss S Yarrow (Year 1)Middleton Tyas
Mrs E Blackburn (Year 2)Middleton Tyas
Mrs C Wass (Year 3)Middleton Tyas
Miss M Bartle (Year 3)Middleton Tyas
Mrs E Parker (Year 4)Middleton Tyas
Mr B Gatrill (Year 5)Middleton Tyas
Mr I McCulloch (Year 6)Middleton Tyas
General Teaching Assistants (GTAs)Miss L AshtonEppleby Forcett
Mrs B OwensEppleby Forcett
Mrs L LambeMiddleton Tyas
Mrs L Roberts & HLTAMiddleton Tyas
Mrs C Clark & HLTAMiddleton Tyas
Mrs F Hollis & HLTAMiddleton Tyas
Mrs S Booth & HLTAMiddleton Tyas
Mrs T Brown & HLTAMiddleton Tyas
Preschool LeadMrs M TallantireEppleby Forcett
Deputy Preschool LeadMiss C RichardsonEppleby Forcett
Preschool Teaching AssistantsMrs J DunwoodieEppleby Forcett
Mrs S BellEppleby Forcett
AdministratorsMrs C StorrowEppleby Forcett
Mrs E SmithMiddleton Tyas
Midday Supervisors (MSAs)Mrs L CreerEppleby Forcett
Miss P WalkerMiddleton Tyas
Mrs K Jones-ZuluetaMiddleton Tyas
Catering StaffMrs L CreerEppleby Forcett
Mrs C PressleyMiddleton Tyas
Mrs E CarterMiddleton Tyas
Caretaking/Cleaning StaffMr K HardingBoth Schools
Miss P WalkerBoth Schools